All the Studer range of Inverters utilise the latest in high technology. This includes Sine-wave output, digital microprocessor control, Toroidal Transformers, MOS Power stage and ultra fast regulation. This gives a comprehensive range of Sine-Wave Inverter units that are almost totally silent in operation, no irritating hum or buzz when the Inverter is operating even under full load and most importantly, have ease of use and installation.


The ‘Joker’ range of inverters are simple and reliable and give you the ability to create an AC network anywhere. These units have a Solar regulator option to include in-built Solar regulator that makes them exceptionally useful in Marine or Recreational applications. Although the name might seem inappropriate, the “Joker” is considered the most powerful card in a deck. They range from the smaller 200-Watt unit through to the 800-Watt unit. These are Sine wave Inverters – not modified square wave – and as stated either come with or without the Solar regulator as an option. Even in stand-by mode these units only draw a maximum of 0.3 Watts! Remote control available as option on the 800 Watt models.

SI Range           

These units are available from 400 Watts through to 3,500 watts. These units also incorporate the exciting new technology and high efficiency that is making Studer Inverters power above the rest.

This series can be paralleled to double the power availability or connected in threes to make a complete tri-phase (3-phase) system power network. Up to 7kW in parallel and up to 10.5kW in 3-phase configuration. The complete SI ranges of Inverters fully comply with the latest EEC Standards. A Twinpower option is available for the 1200 – 3500W models.

Twinpower Range       

This revolutionary range of inverters doesn’t need to have a stand-by mode as its power consumption when operating is less than 0.5 Watts! Today’s devices such as cell-phone chargers, clock radios etc. draw so little power that some brands of inverter can not detect them. When they do, they draw more power than the device! So when you are running your cell-phone charger that draws next to no power – with this range you can be assured that the Inverter is not taking more power than the device you are operating. Twinpower models are available in 1000W 12V, 1200 W and 2000W at 24 volt configurations. With an in-built 30A solar controller and a 12v/24V (model dependant) 10A DC output, this unit is ideal for home and recreational applications.

Compact Range       

The Compact range of Inverters is a really versatile Power system. This range has built in solar charge regulators and is capable of controlling an auto start generator or taking stand-by power from the utility grid. It can be configured as a basic inverter, a charger, auto-switch or UPS. It incorporates True Level Battery Management, which ensures the maintenance of the battery system to its optimum condition. It features easy to read display and controls, multi-functional contact that can be used as generator start, load disconnect or alarm, dependant on programming. All programming can be easily set by the touch of a few buttons. The Compact range is available in 1,200 Watts/12V, 1,800 Watts/24V and 3,000 Watts/48V configurations.