Solwind Vertical

VAWT_Hukerenui_1604_small_smallSolwind Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) is designed to start up at 1.5 meters per second and start producing power at a wind speed of only 3.7 meters per second and produce their rated output at 10 meters per second. The SW VAWT are extremely quiet in operation. This due to there special design. The blades do not create the usual coning noise that occurs with conventional HAWT turbines when the blades pass close to the mast each revolution. The blades of the SW VAWT series wind turbines are always at the same distance from the mast. The blades are made from composite fiber glass, Stainless steel and lightweight aluminum, making them extremely strong yet flexible and easy to handle.

Solwind Ltd is proud to introduce their new Low Speed MLA ( Magnetic Levitation Alternator), featuring only one moving part. This keeps the wearing components to a minimum, and so prolongs the longevity of the wind turbine.

At high wind speeds the SW VAWT series will start to stall, causing the machine to slow down at around 27 meters per second. In the ‘stalling mode’, the SW VAWT series will automatically maintain its output speed

The DARRIEUS design lends itself to taking wind from any direction, i.e.. Spoilt wind or gusty wind.


  • 10/3000 lade height 3 meters. Blade cord 480mm. Cross arm 3.3 meters. Swept area 9.9 sq meters.
  • 10/6000 Blade height 3 meters. Blade cord 480mm. Cross arm 6.3 meters. Swept area 18.9 sq meters.
  • 10/10000 Blade height 6.0 meters. Blade cord 480mm. Cross arm 6.3 meters. Swept area 37.8 sq meters.
  • 10/30000 Blade height 10 meters. Blade cord 480mm. Cross arm 10.3 meters. Swept area 103 sq meters.
  • Blade Materials: Composite Fibre glass, Aluminum and Stainless Steel.

    GENERATOR SPECIFICATIONS.Generator low speed (M.L.A.) Magnetic levitation Alternator: Output: 3 /6 Phase up to 415 volt AC. 3 /6 Phase Rectifier pack with regulator shunt type to suit end user voltage, e.g.: 12 / 24 / 48 / 120 / 240 / 600 volts DC or any voltage required.

    Note: The generator is base mounted (At the foot of the mast), and requires no slipping assembly, no dolly bearing assembly, no brush assembly and has no power cables running up the mast.

    The Solwind Ltd. New range of Vertical Axis Wind Turbines were released in April 2003, following extensive field-testing

    MAST ASSEMBLY.Note 1: Mast assemblies can be supplied to suit individual requirements.

    Note 2: All mast assemblies have been designed for erection with out the aid of any extra lifting gear for remote area operation.

    An optional mast design and construction is under review at this time. A complete self-contained Power generation system is being designed to be accommodated within the base of the mast. This will mean that only the 230/415V AC will need to be connected to the end user via underground or poled cable. This mast requires no guide wires and provides a smaller ground footprint than the stayed single pole mast assembly stated over. (See Photo).

    WIND TURBINE TOWERS (stayed single pole).The towers we have designed are made for a wind turbine, but can also be used for other applications where a stable and strong mast is needed to protect your investment, be it a wind turbine or a TV or Radio antennae etc.

    Our masts are made in New Zealand and are constructed from high tensile steel, and come in standard lengths of 6.5 meters for easy handling.


  • Diameter. of column: 63mm Galvanised 6mm or 5mm
  • Height: 6.5 / 13 / meters Heavy-duty wire rope.
  • Number of sections: 1 or 2. 6.5meter lengths of high tensile steel mast section.
  • Max. design wind speed: 190 km/hr
  • Galvanised base assembly – Galvanised steel turnbuckles
  • Galvanised wire rope grips – Galvanised D shackles.OPTIONAL EXTRAS:


  • Turbine electrical cables kit, 2 or 3 wire.
  • All stainless steel fasteners for Coastal sites are optionally available.