The Natural Source for ElectricityTm

Solarex’s polycrystalline silicon modules require much less energy to manufacture than comparable mono-crystalline products, giving a significantly faster energy payback and larger lifetime contribution of green energy.

SX-80 photovoltaic modules are the largest of Solarex’s new SXTM module series, providing cost-effective photovoltaic power for general use. They operate DC loads directly or, in an inverter-equipped system AC loads. They are suitable for single or multiple module systems and, with 36 polycrystalline cells in series, charge batteries efficiently in virtually any climate. Their materials, design and construction reflect Solarex’s quarter-century of experience.

Applications of these modules, which generate peak power of 80 watts, encompass virtually all applications where photovoltaic are a feasible energy source, including telecommunication systems, pumping and irrigation, cathodic protection, remote villages and homes, and land-based navigation aids. They are engineered under Solarex’s lntegrasystemTM system integration concept, which ensures compatibility with other

Solarex subsystems and components (support hard-ware, regulators, etc.) and easy system assembly.

Their rugged Universal frame is suitable for industrial use, and exceeds the requirements of all certifying agencies.

Dual Voltage Capability

These modules consist of 36 polycrystalline silicon solar cells, electrically configured as two series strings of 18 cells each. Shipped in 12V nominal con- figuration, with cell strings series-wired, the modules may easily be switched to 6V nominal output in the field by moving leads in the junction box.

High-Capacity Versatile Junction Box

The large (25 cubic inches, 411 cc) junction box is raintight (IP54 rated) and accepts 1/2″ nominal or PG13.5 conduit or cable fittings. With its six-terminal connection block, it enables most system array connections (putting modules in series or parallel) to be made right in the junction box. Optionally, this junction box can be fitted with:

• blocking and bypass diodes;

• an oversize terminal block which accepts conductors up to AWG #4 (25MM2); standard terminals accept up to AWG #10 (6MM2);

• a SolarstateTM charge regulator.