Solwind Ltd are now installing the first of their Vertical Axis Wind Turbines in the North and South Island of New Zealand.  For further information and update we can be contacted via email or you can visit our research station by appointment.

Make use of the waste products.


Bio-Gas Generator System.
The dual digester system has been designed to prevent disrupting the digester plant while in the digesting mode. (Producing Methane Gas from sewage or any bio-degradable waste)

With increasing cost and problems of running modern farming etc, contact Solwind for information on:

Digester Systems – Dairy effluent waste – Poultry waste – Piggery waste – Warehouse packing waste – Hospital waste

Solwind Ltd stocks a range of Studer Innovative Technik battery Inverters. With more than 10 years experience in making Inverters, combined with client feed-back information, have enable Studer to develop Inverters that meet the highest demands but ensuring the safety and reliability of the units and environment

All the Studer range of Inverters utilise the latest in high technology. This includes Sine-wave output, digital microprocessor control, Toroidal Transformers, MOS Power stage and ultra fast regulation. This gives a comprehensive range of Sine-Wave Inverter units that are almost totally silent in operation, no irritating hum or buzz when the Inverter is operating even under full load and most importantly, have ease of use and installation.