Sunlight collection during medium & low sun angles for ADS-600 Skylight Dome Lens: 2,116 sq. in. + Sun Tracking Mirrors: 2,208 sq. in. = 4,234 sq. in.

Purpose of sun: tracking mirror system: Provides an even light spread and adequate light levels for turning off all ambient electric lights during sunny and bright cloudy days. These unique benefits create a very productive, attractive and pleasant environment.

The SNS Technology sun-tracking mirrors face east in the morning. As the sun rises, they follow the sun using our patented tracking system The mirrors receive optimum reflective benefits during medium and low sun angles and partially shadows the skylight during summer high sun angles. When the sun sets in the evening, the tracking system returns the mirrors to the east to wait for the next morning sun. The system delivers enough daylight to turn off electric lights from one hour after sunrise to one hour before sunset -an average of 10 hours per day.

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Sunlight collection of skylight dome Lens: 2,116 sq. in.

Purpose: Supplements the electric lighting color with perfect color rendition of natural light. Provides two dead air spaces which reduce conductive heat gain / loss.

A passive daylighting system is most effective when the sun is directly overhead during summer mid-day hours only. As illustrated, the sun at medium and low angles cannot provide an even light spread, thereby requiring the need for keeping the ambient electric lights turned on. So-Luminaire Passive Daylighting Systems can be upgraded to an Active Hybrid System.