Four Winds

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vawt 4 bladesFOUR WINDS VAWT

SW 10/6000 Four Winds Vertical Axis Wind Turbine.

6000 watts at 10 meters per second
Self starting wind speed 1.5 meters per second.
SW Galvanised Mast assembly. Height 6 meters. (9 and 12 meter mast option available
SW Wind speed anometer
SW wind turbine remote braking system
Inv/Charger, 7000 watts cont.
Storage cells: 48volt x1015 amp at 100 hr rate low maintenance storage Cells
SW Wind isolator
SW AC isolator
SW System monitor
SW Remote two wire starter system
Multi fuel back-up generator 230v/110v 50/60 Hz (gas/petrol alternative fuels) 6000 watts.
Cable harness
Power wall and battery enclosure
System enclosure (kit form)
Instruction manual
Price on application

4 blade turbine
Your Four Winds System will provide up to 7000 watts for your
Typical application to run your household appliances within the rating of the inverter and wind input

Clothes dryer
E/E Lighting
Energy efficient refrigeration
Garbage gobbler
Hair dryer

Power tools
Sewing machine
Washing machine
Water pumping

Your system will supply power to all the above equipment (not all at the same time). The back up generator is designed to guarantee that you will have 24 hour power, regardless of weather conditions, within it’s continuous rating. The FOUR WINDS System has been designed to allow expansion without any of the major components becoming redundant.